Top 10 Easy Steps on How to Get Plump Lips
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Top 10 Easy Steps on How to Get Plump Lips

Ever since the beauty mogul, Kylie Jenner, generated buzz all over the social media stratosphere when she was photographed with rather plump lips, most of us were but curious as to how to get bigger lips ala the youngest in the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Of course, it was not a walk in the park for her, she was scrutinized for using lip fillers at such a young age, but who are we to judge? We loved Kylie for it and, sure enough, can't stop thinking about it.

Kylie Jenner was actually smart about her every move. It all started with her lip kit, Kylie Kosmetics, with hopes, that us mere mortals, can achieve her gorgeous lips. We've watched several how to plump lips Youtube vlogs and tried them ourselves. We even hoarded her lip kits and tried her style of using lip liners. She made every woman, of all ages we dare say, want to look like her, that even her older siblings got into the action.

plump lips before and after

Bigger lips became cool and have been a social media fixture up to this day. You will see thousands of ladies with plump lips just by simply scrolling the Explore option on Instagram. It is safe to say that Ms. Kylie Jenner had created this phenomenon and has no plans of retiring any time soon.

Since her lip debut, there has been no shortage of lip plumpers and we are left in awe with the wide selection of choices in store for us. You can browse the best lip plumpers available at Angel Epoch online store that can give you the plump lips you have always wanted. Besides, we will talk about how to get plump lips below.

Instead of lip filler injection which has quite a lot of side effects, we will only focus on the safe and affordable ways that can be easily done at home.

how to get plump lips


How to Get Fuller Lips in 10 Steps?

1. Patience with your lip balm

It may sound a little cliché but this is one of the ways to achieve plump lips. Purchase a lip balm with peppermint oil for better hydration and keep a cooling feel that can circulate the blood flow on your lips. Stay patient and wait for at least five minutes before you proceed with the number 2 step.

2. Brush and shine, ladies!

Research shows that using a soft toothbrush that is soaked in water can do wonders if you are trying to know how to get plump lips. Use the brush as a tool to smoothen your lips that will leave a shine on your lips. This step will help you achieve a reflective finish that will make your lips look bigger once it touches the light.

3. Who said the foundation is not for the lips?

This may look tasking but beauty is not as easy as one, two, and three. Use a concealer or a foundation to even out the product on your lips. This will serve as a base before you put your lip plumper products. Keep the application light and do not overdo it.

4. Let's talk about light reflection once again

One trick we learned from beauty enthusiasts is extending the line from the actual shape of your lips. This is called the "Cupid's bow" and this is the illusion you will need to look like you have plumper lips due to the reflection whenever it hits the light. Use a highlighter and pat it in between the bottom of your nose and at the top of your lips.

5. The importance of lip liners

Kylie Jenner did not make her lip kits her main money makers without serving its purpose. Everything has meaning for the beauty mogul and one of the main ingredients of her success are lip liners. Of course, Jenner did not invent the said beauty product, but she was one of the main contributors of it becoming a beauty phenomenon. In one of her how-to videos posted in her social media accounts, she demonstrated how to use the said lip liner to make your lips look bigger. She filled out all the gaps on her lips and made sure everything is thick and ready for battle, err for putting lipstick.

6. You got to put it the effort to go lower

It's not always on top when it comes to maximizing what your lips can do. You got to put in the effort to go lower by dabbing a tiny splash of bronzer at the bottom of your lips. Again, the plump lip is all about the illusion and reflection.

7. No to dark colors

If you studied shadows in one of your color theory classes, you are aware that darker tones kill the light. Since the lip plumper business is all about reflection, we suggest using a lipstick with a light pigment so the reflection shines through. Avoid dark-colored tint because they tend to just follow the real shape of your lips.

8. Yo lipgloss is poppin'!

When the song Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" debuted, the 2007 hit track was focusing on how a single lip gloss can make an overall impact on your whole look. It has pizzazz and it's cool. Lipgloss creates a shine and is considered one of the *best lip plumper products out there if you want to go out on the street with plump lips. Moreover, it is all about your attitude that will make "all the boys keep stopping."

9. The actual plumpers for plumping

Buy products with actual lip plump components to achieve temporary plump. Go for products with mint components because of the cool feeling results to enlarging your lips for at least one hour. You can bring them anywhere you go and just re-apply if need be.

10. The final touch

Before leaving your house with the plump lips you want, we suggest adding an extra layer as the final touch. Add additional lipstick and draw a white line in the middle of your lips for extra reflection. White is the best absorbent of light and all you have to do is blend everything together and you are ready to go.


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