Top 4 Ways for Keratosis Pilaris Treatment
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Top 4 Ways for Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis pilaris, or known to many as the chicken skin, is a skin condition that's not in any way attractive. While it is considered normal, many women - and men - do not want it on their skin.

The first thing you should know is chicken skin is not in any way harmless. They won't hurt you or do anything to compromise your health. They do not itch or react to conditions like a skin disease. They also become less and less visible as you age. They look like goosebumps and come in a series of unfortunate events (they clog up in a cluster in various parts of the body). The bumps are hair follicles that are plugged by keratin, a protein found in skin cells. Often there is a coiled, ingrown hair inside the bump.

normal skin vs keratosis pilaris

What to do when you have keratosis pilaris?

Chicken skin come out in different parts of your body, usually in areas where there is hair such as armpits, legs, chest, and face. This occurrence, after all, happens because of a stuck hair follicle. Here's a reasonable rundown on things to consider before you start freaking out:

  1. Ask if it hurts or gets irritated? Most skin conditions hurt even with natural air. If it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable, just buy a cream to alleviate your skin from, well, chicken skin.
  1. If you are truly uncomfortable, consult your dermatologist. They are actually not cheap, so make sure you are certain.
  1. Read this article and now the best products to relieve you from chicken skin.

top four ways for keratosis pilaris treatment 

How to Treat Keratosis Pilaris?

If you are still wondering how to get rid of keratosis pilaris, here are the top 4 ways for keratosis pilaris treatment:

  1. The best product to use for keratosis pilaris urea, a colorless and organic compound that is a product of protein metabolism in a mammal and is excreted in urine, according to
  1. Find a facial wash or any product for that matter that focuses on eliminating chicken skin. It is actually essential to find the product that best solves your utmost conundrum. For example, you simply cannot buy meat if you consider yourself a vegetarian because that makes no sense at all.
  1. Say no to products with harsh exfoliation. It is actually important to get your skin exfoliated. Only scrub at least three to four times a week. You do not need to dothis every day because it will do more harm than good.
  1. There is actually no keratosis pilaris cure because it is not a disease. Just remember to take care of your skin because it is the biggest part of your body and does not go cheap when taking care of it.

Most skin experts consider keratosis pilaris as a natural occurrence. But how to cure keratosis pilaris?

This is not an illness or a disease that requires the utmost attention. But in reality, no one really wants to be seen in this condition. The best way to prevent keratosis pilaris from spreading is to consult your dermatologist. Tell them you are uncomfortable with the situation, and he or she will prescribe a cream or make treatment for keratosis pilaris and eventually eliminate your chicken skin.

Another way to counter anything you would not want to happen to your life is prevention and precaution. Since keratosis pilaris occur in certain parts of the skin (underarm, thighs, cheeks, and legs), what we put in our bodies is of importance. So it's not about how to get rid of keratosis pilaris, but how to reduce the chance it occurs. Remember, you can't just buy random products for your skin and expect a miracle. You actually need to be cautious with what you wear and treat it like the food you eat. In makeup, experts say you only indulge in a product you can actually eat.

★ The Best Body Wash for Keratosis Pilaris

I'm actually the type who prefers taking a bath at night with body wash than soap. The scent is aromatic and relieves me from the all the pressure and stress I encountered that day. With this, I always ensure I use products that are not harsh on my skin. I indulge myself in a body wash with the least chemical content or no chemical content at all. Some approved keratosis pilaris body wash are the ones with natural aroma and scent free. Try something with peppermint to provide the cooling effect that also helps you sleep better at night. The suggested body wash for keratosis pilaris is scent free and with moisturizer to avoid getting dry skin.

★ The Best Keratosis Pilaris Soap

Just like the body wash, dermatologists suggest using a soap with gentler effects. Try seaweed soap that is proven to tighten loose skin and minimizes pores. Going natural with your bathing routine is actually better especially if you are on a budget. They're cheap and effective products that make your skin smooth and light. Moreover, it is also best to consult your doctor to certainly know which soap for keratosis pilaris compliments your skin type.

★ The Best Lotion for Keratosis Pilaris

My day is never complete without putting lotion on my skin. Because of the harsh pollution, we encounter daily, having brittle skin becomes inevitable if we do not know how to take care of it. Being aware of the proper skin care routine at an early age is actually admirable and we should never take it for granted.

Unlike the face skin types, there are usually two types when it comes to the body skin: dry and oily. The first thing to know is your skin type because there are specific products you can use to make your skin glowing every day. The suggested lotion for keratosis pilaris are products that will help your skin look luxurious and always moisturized. Apply the keratosis pilaris lotion to the same as the direction of your hair growth, dermatologists suggest.

★ The Best Keratosis Pilaris Face Wash

Just like any other products for your skin, the best keratosis pilaris face wash must always depend on your skin type. No matter how much money you spend on expensive products, if they do not complement with your body chemistry, it will not work and sometimes can do more harm than good. The best solution is to find a moisturizer that will help minimize your pores and also tighten your skin. Moreover, apply a product while your skin is slightly wet so that it really goes deep within your skin, hence becomes more effective.


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