10 Practical Ingrown Hair Removal Tips
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10 Practical Ingrown Hair Removal Tips

Ever had those little red bumps on your skin you just want to scratch? They are not mosquito bites, pimples, or little scabs that irritate your skin, but they’re called ingrown hair. As uncomfortable as it is spelled or said, ingrown hair are these irritating hair that just won’t come out of your skin even while putting all your best efforts to get rid of it.

Then we ask ourselves, how to get rid of ingrown hair? Before we dive into discussing ingrown hair removal tips, we must first determine what this pesky trapped hair is all about.

differences between normal hair and ingrown hair

What Is An Ingrown Hair?

Experiencing ingrown hair is actually not a serious matter. This trapped hair is common for men and women who shave, wax or born with curly or wavy hair. While the nature of growing hair is to rise outward from the surface of the skin, ingrown hair curls up right back getting stuck and grows inside the skin, causing it to become itchy with little red bumps (and sometimes a painful boil with pus on some occasion) forming outside your skin.

Ingrown hair treatment is actually quite simple unlike warts or pimples since anyone can actually get one and they grow almost everywhere. The most common ingrown hair areas for men are in the chin and face area or any areas where they usually shave. For women, they’re mostly located on the armpits, pubic area, and the legs. This usually occurs hours or days after shaving. Some studies also show that individuals with an active sex life may also cause rapid hair growth caused by the sex hormones it releases.

There are also instances where you won’t have to remove ingrown hair because they oftentimes go away on its own. However, since they’re itchy we want to put all our efforts to get rid of it as soon as possible! Here’s how to get rid of ingrown hairs. And before that, let's talk about how to avoid these ingrown hairs from growing out.


Useful Tips on How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

If by any chance, the ingrown hair stays in your skin, you must immediately treat it to prevent infection, skin to darken, or scab. So, how to remove ingrown hair?

Tip 1: No Scratching

The first thing you have to remember is to avoid scratching the ingrown hair to prevent it from getting infected.

Even when the itch needs scratching, you should always remember that prevention is better than any cure. This only means practicing extreme precaution before making it worse.

Tip 2: You can use skin ointments to temporary relieve you from the itch

Look for skin ointments with menthol because the cooling factor is a great reliever of itch. Spread with an ample amount of ingrown hair cream and massage the area where the ingrown hair grew. However, stop putting cream once the bump starts to look worse than before.

Tip 3: Determine whether you can remove it on your own.

Give it a day to determine whether you can pick the hair out of the ingrown to relieve you from the itch. Just squeeze the bump carefully and hope the trapped hair will come out. Then, all you need is a puller.

Tip 4: Seek a doctor if the infected area gets worse.

Just by the indicator, this is actually the worst case scenario. *How to remove an ingrown hair? While hoping you won’t have to result to this, the dermatologist will make a tiny cut on the infected area of the skin to relieve you from infection and itch. They will thereafter, prescribed you with antibiotics or steroids to relieve you from the irritation or the swell.

Tip 5: Use some products to prevent ingrown hair from growing

There is actually no proper treatment to get rid of ingrown hair. Since this is nothing serious, you just have to wait until the hair where you shave grows out. Yes, there will be itching but just like the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” But you can do something in your daily life to avoid them. Good habits and products like ingrown hair removal cream and body scrub can be great for your ingrown hair treatment.


How to Prevent Ingrown Hair from Happening - Daily Habits

Of course, no one wants to feel the stress from having to experience discomfort, and ingrown hair on legs, face, or any parts of the skin is not inevitable and can be avoided easily. Here are the different ways to prevent ingrown hair from happening in the first place:

Way 1: Use a wet cloth or exfoliate daily. Keep your face and body away from dirt caused by pollution. A clean face means a clean body, and moreover, an ingrown hair free face.

Way 2: Use a sharp blade. Using a dull shaver will actually hurt your skin and eventually cause ingrown hair. Avoid this by always changing the blade of your razor because this is the hygienic way to do it. Apart from this, you need to shave on the same direction as to where your hair is growing because once you go against the natural direction of your hair will confuse its growth pattern.

Way 3: Always clean the razor you are using. Stubbles sometimes stay inside your razor after and while shaving. Always clean it with water to keep it clean. Again, hygiene is really important for anyone and that means ensuring everything you put on your skin and body is clean.

Way 4: Massage your face with cold water before and after shaving to open your pores. You may also opt to use after shave cream with menthol to relieve your skin. Make sure the cream you use fits your skin type. Oily faced skin needs to find oil-based or clear cream, while dry-skin faces must go for foamy cream.

ingrown hair removal solutions 

Additional Tips: How to get rid of ingrown hair on legs?

Shaving the legs is normal to most women. In order to prevent ingrown hair on legs, you must ensure the shaving cream you are using is compatible to your body type. Just like the facial hair, you must shave following the natural growth of your hair and must not contrast whatever happens.

Do not rush shaving! Shaving takes time and you must do it with precision and care. Use a shaving cream and a new razor whenever you shave. Lastly, put lotion all over your body or moisturizer on your face to keep your skin hydrated.


How to Prevent Ingrown Hair from Happening?

1 Try Glycolic Acid

Ingrown hairs may start to grow once the hair follicle get obstructed by dead skin cells. To make the ingrown hair reach the surface, you just need to break down the mixture of sebum and dead skin cells. And that's what glycolic acid can do for you.

2 Exfoliate Your Skin with Salicylic Acid

Apart from handling acne sufferers, salicylic acid is one of the perfect and effective ways for ingrown hair treatment. Salicylic acid can effectively help prevent ingrown hair, bumps, razor burns, and redness. Besides, it is great for exfoliating, which means it can remove dead skin cells and unclog pores to make your skin smoother. And it can reduce inflammation and swelling after hair removal or shaving.

3 Scrub with Body Brush

Using a brush to scrub your body or anywhere you want can help reduce cellulite and wake up you immune system, and thus accelerating cell turnover. And this will reduce the chance of clogged pores and the hairs can grow out naturally without staying within your skin. Do this before taking shower or shaving hair will prevent ingrown hair from growing.

4 Laser Hair Remover

If your goal for ingrown hair removal is for permanent, then laser hair removal should be your best choice. This is a more cost-effective way compared with a surgery at the beauty salon. This way aims at the hair follicle rather than the skin, and it damages the hair follicle at the root so hair will be reduced for a very long time. And this is not one-time treatment, it requires a regular 4-week treatment to avoid regrowth.

5 Surgical Tweezer for Ingrown Hair

This is the last solution we suggest unless you have to. There is a risk of getting infection if you are not careful enough. So if you really want to do it this way, make sure the tweezer has been sterilized. And do not hurry to tweeze out the ingrown hairs until you can see the hair.

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