Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin, Hair, Face, and Body
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Benefits of Coconut Oil on Skin, Hair, Face, and Body

It all started as a big hype until it became the real deal. It has been a pleasure to discover the many wonders of coconut oil for all parts of the body. Coconut oil today is a bona fide beauty superstar that hairstylists, makeup artists, and other fashion innovators use this for their clients! Below we will talk about the benefits of coconut oil on skin, hair, face, and body.

coconut oil benefits

Part I: What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil?

There are various functions of coconut oil. As an alternative to palm oil for cooking, it is proven to be healthier and safer than the regular cooking oil available on the supermarket; it can, however, cost you more than the usual cooking oil.

Other benefits of coconut oil are for men and women who love their skin too much, yet do not want to splurge on chemical-infused products. Coconut oil, specifically virgin coconut oil, can also be used as an alternative beauty product such as toner, moisturizer, and cleanser. Moreover, coconut oil also prevents damage to hair and dandruff.


Part II: How to Use Coconut Oil?

1. How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin

First things first, is coconut oil good for your skin? Put it all over your body, face, and wherever - and there's no denying that coconut oil is one product that makes your skin glow and radiant. One of the coconut oil skin benefits is the fact that it absorbs quickly on the epidermis to fix, repair, and restore the damages of the skin caused by the UV rays, dirt, and other destroying elements from the bustling city. Here are other coconut oil benefits for skin:

(1) Coconut Oil for Skin

You all know by now that your skin is the largest organ on your body. So this means taking care of it is essential for a human being. The next question you have to ask yourself is coconut oil good for face? We take care of all our heavenly parts to ensure a longer life. Use the coconut oil on skin as a lotion and apply it all over your body. This way, you keep your skin moisturized and free from harmful chemicals simply by using coconut oil.

(2) Coconut Oil for Face

The skin on your face is actually thinner than the rest of your body. It is most likely to get damaged easier if you do not take care of it. How to use coconut oil on face? Apply a pea-size amount of virgin coconut oil, spread it evenly on your face daily, and use it as a cleanser before you put facial wash.

coconut oil benefits for hair

2. How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

★ 10 Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

  • Prevent hair loss
  • Protect against lice
  • Reduce protein loss in hair
  • Help get rid of dandruff
  • Help retain high moisture
  • Give relief from scalp sweating
  • Nourish & tone dry hair
  • Provide relief from boils on scalp
  • Prevent split ends, baldness & gray hair
  • Effective hair conditioner & styling oil

Before splurging on different types of coconut oil, the first thing you have to learn is the types that work best for your hair. Some hairstylists suggest looking for virgin coconut oil and extra raw with no added chemicals to ensure the best quality for your growing hair.

(1) Use It Before You Brush Your Hair

Brushing your hair while it's still wet can do more damage for you than you think. Apply an ample amount of virgin coconut oil and spread it evenly on your palm before brushing it on the roots of your hair. So make full use of the coconut oil good for your hair!

(2) Use It Before Taking A Bath

One thing I learned about hygiene throughout the years is how preparation is key to a good bath. Apply a minimal amount of coconut oil before taking a bath so the shampoo will easily get absorbed by your hair. However, it is also safe to note that virgin coconut oil works best for men and women with dry and curly hair. If your hair is healthy, you may actually skip this part and go on with your usual bathing routine. So, lucky you!

(3) Use It as A Hair Moisturizer

Virgin coconut oil is naturally moisturizing – which why among its many benefits, this product can be used basically all over your body. A well-moisturized hair will prevent your hair from getting damaged caused by pollution, dirt, and the sun.


3. How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin Care

As stated prior to reaching this part, coconut oil can do numerous wonders for your skin. The benefits of coconut oil for skin is so good that you can use it as an alternative to most of your skincare routine.

(1) Use Coconut Oil as A Cleanser

If you think skincare ritual is limited to facial wash, then you got it all wrong! There are various steps to consider to keep your skin nourished and away from skin damage. One of this is the beauty of cleanser. I use it before applying facial wash on my skin. This is to ensure my skin is clean enough before applying all the other creams I have on my routine.

(2) Use Coconut Oil as A Lip Balm

There are instances when our lips become dry on the day we forgot to bring our lip balms. It's so shameful and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it. However, once you insert virgin coconut oil into your daily lives, you can use this product as an alternative to lip balms. With this, you won't need to carry hundreds of beauty products in one small handbag!

(3) Use Coconut Oil for Dental Problems

This technique called oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique involving only you, a tablespoon, and oil. Gargle with a spoonful of oil for twenty minutes to improve oral and overall health. Just make sure you do this on an empty stomach.

(4) Use Coconut Oil as Massage Oil

With its natural aroma, you can use virgin coconut oil as massage oil while going deep in your tissues and muscles.

(5) Use Coconut Oil as A Face Mask

Just like number (4) above, you can actually put a reasonable amount of oil on your face while massaging the deep tissues of your face. You will end up with a skin so soft and so smooth, you wouldn't want to put any makeup because you won't conceal anything anymore thanks to the various benefits of coconut oil!


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